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The Most Powerful Talismans and Good Luck Charms

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A talisman (from the Greek telesma or from Greek word “talein” meaning “to initiate into mysteries.”) relates to any item intended to produce good luck and/or protection to its owner. I am renounded for being able to cast spells and energize stones for particular purposes.

Most Powerful Talismans

All Talismans are still blessed by me personally.

Use these powerful good luck pieces and talismans to help you with all aspects of your life!



This glass stone is a very powerful and strong talisman, and can be used for many purposes. This talisman is famous for lifting your own confidence- for example if you are not confident of doing a particular job, or you are nervous or scared, this talisman will give you confidence. You will see a very strong power within yourself by which you can conquer and perform any work which was not possible for you to do before. You will notice a new freshness in yourself. You will never feel internally weak or get the feeling that you cannot do something.

The Cost of this powerful talisman is only AUD $70

Confidence Glass Stone
AUD $70



This talisman will attract the crowd towards you. You will feel that you are a very special person. Become social, more popular; become confortable in groups.

The Cost of this powerful talisman is only AUD $70

Attraction Glass Stone
AUD $70


This talisman will not only protect the holder from all the types of mysterious dangers, but will also bring good fortune. Though never guaranteed, the holder of this talisman will improve their chances of winning all the types of lotteries, pools, bingo, and may be successful in all the types of gambling such as horse racing, casinos and so on.

Change your future now- this talisman will greatly increase your chances of winning any type of gambling and bring you success and happiness, helping you overcome money problems and openning you to live a very happy rich life.

The Cost of this powerful talisman is only AUD $70

Luck Glass Stone
AUD $70



The holder of this talisman will not have to wait for anything long. All your ambitions and wishes will be fulfilled very soon and the holder will be successful in a very short time.

The Cost of this powerful talisman is only AUD $70

Success Glass Stone
AUD $70



This talisman is best suited for Students. It improves memory, increases communication skills, intuition, gives you extra sensory powers and will also increase your ability to learn. The holder of this talisman will also get sufficient wealth through their brains.

The Cost of this powerful talisman is only AUD $70

Knowledge and Intuition Glass Stone
AUD $70



This talisman is used by many people who are not secure in themselves, as it can warn the holder of the coming accidents or dangers in their coming life. You will feel the energy coming from this talisman when danger, threat or trouble approaches.

The Cost of this powerful talisman is only AUD $70

Personal Security Glass Stone
AUD $70



The holder of this talisman becomes courageous. This talisman also strengthens the memory, calms emotions and anger and also increases peace of mind and de-stress you. This talisman provides courage, vitality and wisdom.

The Cost of this powerful talisman is only AUD $70

Courage Glass Stone
AUD $70



This talisman has the ability to give you fame; though primarily its purpose is to allow you to gain the quality to command people. This talisman will give you success in all fields of life and will improve your relations with your business staff and family members. Also this talisman has the power of attracting and re-sparking your relationships (between lovers, husband and wife, brothers and sisters, and so on).

The Cost of this powerful talisman is only AUD $70

Command Glass Stone
AUD $70



The holder of this talisman will be free from all sorts of evil sources such as demons, vampires, evil spirits, juju and all sorts of black magic and evil spells will be completely destroyed. All your misfortune will be changed to good fortune. If some one has done any evil spell on you then in no time the glass stone will start working for you and will block the person who has or who will be trying to attack you with magic. Perfect for protection against lower level dark entities. You can move freely anywhere and without any trouble or problem of magic as you will always be protected.

The Cost of this powerful talisman is only AUD $70

Protection Glass Stone
AUD $70



You don't want to be lonely -- you want to be loved -- to start dating again -- to feel wanted. This talisman will give you a very happy and luxurious life and will help the holder to show their true but hidden qualities. This very powerful talisman will also improve the love, emotional and sexual power of the holder.

The Cost of this powerful talisman is only AUD $70

Love Glass Stone
AUD $70



This very powerful talisman will increase your financial status. It will bring you wealth, good health, fame, name, honour and success.

The Cost of this powerful talisman is only AUD $70

Finances Glass Stone
AUD $70



Any 4 Talismans...

4 Talismans - Special Price
(This is a limited time special price)
$250 AUD

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Some Talisman Testimonials

I can honestly say your luck talisman is the best in the world. I have tried many others but your WORKS!!! -- Jas, Ottawa

Greetings, I hope all is well with you and those close to you. I want to let you know that the investment that I made in the items that you let me buy from you continues to pay huge dividends continuously. Before I actually bought the first items it was really hard for me to imagine that they would actually work. Well they did, and so did EVERYTHING else for me. -- Mariah, Helsinki

This beautiful little stone, which I have made into a pendant; continues to amaze me - it continues to be so helpful and powerful. Thank you. -- Indira, New Delhi

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the glass stone. It is beautiful, amazing and crackling with power. You instructions are thoroughly detailed, easy to understand and quite helpful. As always, you have delivered over and above my expectations. -- Steven, Los Angeles

Just a line to let you know of some amazing things happening sice receiving my stone. I hope all is okay for you too. -- Sarah, Sydney

Within a few days, I was convinced the Attraction stone was working because of what happened- a promotion, a pay rise and a proposal. -- Rosa, Jerusalem

I have used the power Command stone to heal others with outstanding results. -- Caterina, Monaco




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