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Distance Curse Removal

Alex Telman is a renowned in the field of Distance Healing with over 35 years experience.

Alex is a pioneer in the field of Conscious Energy Transference (CET). His Distance Healing clients are in such locations as the United States, France, England, India, Germany, Norway, Singapore, New Zealand, Kenya, Mexico, Indonesia, Switzerland, Bolivia, Ireland and Canada, as well as his home country, Australia.


Your Distance Curse Removal Sessions will restore clarity and harmony to your life.


For distance healing please click here: AlexTelman.com


Benefits of Distance Healing experienced by clients:
• Increased energy and more clarity
• Feel secure and confident in your body
• Feeling balanced, grounded and clear energy blockages
• Relaxed body, relaxed mind, feel more connected with yourself
• Improvement in the functioning of the immune system
• Accelerated healing process from illness, surgery or injuries
• Gives psychic protection against psychic attack or interference

People who benefit most from Distance Healing include:
• Mothers
• People working in difficult workplaces
• People who have little time to exercise
• People living in difficult family and social situations
• People who are often tired, stressed or in bad moods
• People who feel in a rut, confused about their lives, or unfocussed
• People have an important event coming up (wedding, meeting, interview, etc)
AND People who need psychic protection against psychic attack or interference

Distance Healing can be the best and most useful gift to give a loved one who is in need of energy work for mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual healing.


Healing energy can be sent and received anywhere instantaneously!

Is NOW one of those times that you could REALLY use some extra help?
Whether you are in crisis, stressed, or simply would like to give yourself, a pet or friend a treat or some serious help, Distance Healing is a convenient and powerful option. Distance Healing makes whatever you are going through easier.



All of this is available to you right now! Paid quarterly and you can unsubsribe at any time.

Please contact me if you are interested in your Distance Healing session on alex@PsychicEnergies.com


By receiving energy for a month and more, the energies will continue to work deeper and be able to address long held patterns and anchor the changes.
When one has had an energetic pattern for many years, it can take time to release and cancel the pattern and move it out of one's energy field.

Receiving Distance Healing Energy is a convenient way to enhance the quality of your life without leaving the comfort of your home.
Distance Healing as a remote energy healing technique is equal to that of Reiki hands-on energy healing treatments. This scientifically and historically documented remote healing energy is being used by millions of people around the world. The beneficial effects of distant healing are now recognized by both insurance companies and hospitals, thus making it a perfect compliment to traditional medical and psychological therapies.
Distance Healing:
Reduces: Stress, Anxiety, Surgery Discomfort, Depression, Test Anxiety
Increases: Personal Growth, Relaxation, Creativity, Emotional Healing, Peace
Improves: Clarity, Relationships, Public Speaking/Presentations, Interviews, Auditions
When a pet or a person is transitioning to death, Distance Healing makes the experience more comfortable and less frightening. Business meetings, sporting events, life-altering meetings, surgical procedures, court appearances, exams, relationships and health all benefit from Distance Healing.



Some Distance Healing Testimonials
I have tried your Distance Healing myself, now I have signed up my elderly parents. Beautiful. -- Sandy, London
I can honestly say your distant healing works. I have tried cheaper healers that didn't work; but you do! -- Karen, Los Angeles
I have tried so many therapies to raise my energies, but your distance healing is the only one that works. I have 1 session a week and my focus and concentration has improved dramatically. Thank you. -- Maries, London
Amazing! Overnight my love for life has returned. Thank you so much... -- Jodie, New York
... worked way above all my expectations. I feel free and alive... -- James, London
I don't know what you did or how you did it, but I feel so much better able to cope. Thank you. -- Sarah, Melbourne
I had doubt, but not now. I have told my friends about you and they will be in contact. Incredible results... -- Reena, Germany