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Contact me soon! I would love to hear from you.



If you are in Brisbane the quickest way to get a response from me is to text me on 0410 690 847

In you text please include the service you require, the best days and times for you and your name.







Please email me alex@PsychicEnergies.com
Due to the volume of emails and messages I receive I am at times unable to respond immediately. I do however try to respond within 48 hours. TRY to keep your emails short (200 words is good). Any email resembling book length will not be read.


The prices below are Christmas - New Year special prices for you: December and January.


My fee for your Psychic Life Reading / Planning is $300
(2 hours plus session)


My fee for your Spiritual and Energy Healing session is $250
( 2 hours session)

(If subsequent sessions are necessary the cost is $200 for the 2nd session and $150 for subsequent sessions if necessary).


My fee for your Combined Reading and Energy Healing Session is $400
(3+ hours session)


My fee for your Curse Removal session is $350 ($450 for 2 people)

(2 - 3 hours session)

In the more extreme cases - sessions over 2 days (cost $750 - $900 for 2 people) may be required


My fee for your Private Half Day Life Planning Session $550
(4 + hour session spread over 2 sessions)


DISTANCE HEALING: 4 weeks distance healing click here ===>>>



Please note: Due to certain complexities, there are special fees for the following services:

Curse Removal


Exorcism Healing



PLEASE NOTE: My fees are reasonable and I am NOT a clock watcher.

You will remain until your energies are cleared, though with an Energy and Spiritual Healing. I do recommend a second Session to Balance your Energies. In the more extreme situations, a Healing may be conducted over two or more Sessions.


Credit Card/Debit Card and Paypal Policy

Due to recent hacking into my Paypal and Bank accounts I have decided that I can no longer accept credit card payments, so payment for my services is cash on the day only. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but I do hope you understand. My only exceptions are for Skype healings and the Diploma course because these clients live mostly overseas.


Contact me soon so we may organise a suitable day and time to meet.