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Spiritual Healer and Psychic since 1979

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I am now seeing clients again at my Brisbane office.


I can also offer you a Skype healing and/or reading; your Skype sessions are just as Effective as in person appointments.


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I look forward to having contact with you soon.


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My Mission

My Mission is to make professional healing accessible, affordable and convenient –
so anyone who struggles with life’s challenges can get help; anytime, anywhere.

“I am both a passionate and compassionate professional, driven by
my mission of helping more people live a better and happier life every day.”
Alex Telman


Interviewer: Why should I come to you for a Reading or a Healing rather than someone else?

Me: I have one grand but striking vision, to make the world a better place for you. I am passionate about making your life better; a more meaningful, intense and passionate place where you can understand and create more. If you are looking for a better future, I believe I can make it real for you.

Your Reading will change the way you look at your life.

Your Healing will change the way you feel about your life.

"No one leaves my office without being cleared of their negative energies."


Please read about my Readings and my Healings before booking.
My Healings are traditional, very powerful, and they work.
My Readings are not 'new age' or 'airy fairy' - they are real and very practical.




What I offer you!

" I offer you peace of mind as you begin to see your future clearly. I define confusion, depression, uncertainty etc as, "The inability to see your future clearly." I will not only clarify what your future can have in store for you, but I will also show you how to achieve it. It is not enough for me to just give you a Reading or a Healing. I need to know that when you leave my office you will have the tools to make that future come true and those negative energies not return." -- Alex Telman


12 Things I Have Learnt.

Begin Each Day Anew.

Have Patience With Yourself.

Find What Gives You Joy.

Learn Through Fun, Not Just Pain.

Learn Not To Overthink.

What Is Your Pain Trying To Tell You?

Practice Gratitude & Compassion.

Experience Excitement & Adventure.

Do Things That Raise Your Energy.

Not Everything Has To Be Completed.

Don't Underestimate Your Strength.

Be Kind To Yourself.


Book a time to see me soon. I look forward to meeting you.